Sunday, October 7, 2012

PBIS @ Bridgeway

 Like others have stated, I had a hard time getting started...deciding which tool to use, exactly what information to include, etc.  In the end, I used Piktochart.  It was a new tool for me and I liked how quick I was able to teach myself how to use it.  I chose to complete my infographic on my school's beginning journey into PBIS.  I am part of the coaching team and I thought this would be a nice visual to add to our school website.  We are in the VERY beginning stages of implementing PBIS in our school.  There are so many components to PBIS, so I decided to summarize where we are so far.  As we learn more and add other components, I would like to create more infographics to document our journey.  The team is getting ready to write lesson plans for two parts of our matrix.  I think when those plans are written, an infographic would be a new way to present the information to the staff.


  1. I like the idea of creating something you can use. This will go nicely with your digital story! It is still a bit text heavy though. Is there a way to convert some of the text to a picture or a chart that would rely less on text? For example, perhaps show a picture of a bus, the cafeteria, and the hallway instead of just using the word. Good luck on your journey with PBIS!

  2. I bet the other members on your PBIS team are really impressed! It looks great, and will be a great tool to share with others in your school. We are several years into PBIS and it has made a big difference in our school and our students. Good luck!