Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my ideas on networked classrooms

It was inspiring to read about how teachers were able to make the walls of their classrooms thinner by opening up to the possibilities of a networked classroom.
  • What are the advantages or disadvantages of a networked classroom?
When I think of any disadvantages to a networked classroom, my biggest concern would be student safety. When you open up your classroom to the world, you must make sure that your students are protected. Whether it is a website, blog, or wiki, teachers have to determine at what level student information, thoughts, and images need to be protected. This website offers a guide for educators on how to protect kids online.

After you determine the level of privacy you are comfortable with for your classroom, the advantages of a networked classroom are endless! You can take your students around the world to places most of them would probably never have the opportunity to visit or learn about. By using a class blog, you can give your students the chance to publish their work in a way that just isn't possible in the traditional class setting. Collaborating with classes around the world has never been easier and more exciting when you consider the possibilities of Web 2.0 tools such as Skype and Google docs. By building my PLN, I am learning more about how to create a beneficial networked classroom for my kids.
  • How can you slowly transition your classroom to become a networked classroom?
I think my first step to becoming a networked classroom is to explore using a blog with my students. I like this quote from the home page of Class Blogmeister-

Thousands of teachers have discovered the value of classroom blogging, both as an avenue for their communications, but also as a tool for giving voice to what their students are learning and how they are learning.

This link has some great tips for blogging with your students. And I came across this site to set up a password protected blog for your students.
  • How could a networked classroom address the diverse needs of all learners?
Creating a networked classroom has the potential to connect your students to learners all over the world as well as learners just across town. By doing this, students have the opportunity to connect with others like them and find commonalities they may have never found before.

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